07. September 2015

Links for 2015-09-07

SICP Distilled Now Public

I think SICP accepts the importance of concurrency but we just didn’t have as good techniques to handle it then.

A Journey into Reactive Streams

Ultimately, the primary value of back pressure is to ensure resilience across all compliant libraries.

College Calculus

Providing access to college for more kids from deprived backgrounds helps nurture talents that might otherwise go to waste, and it’s the right thing to do.

31. August 2015

Links for 2015-08-31

Your Job is Political: Tech Money in Politics

I don’t believe the utter denial and lack of cynicism about the graft enriching our field is normal or acceptable.

Vladimir Nabokov’s Passionate Love Letters to Véra and His Affectionate Bestiary of Nicknames for Her

You came into my life — not as one comes to visit … but as one comes to a kingdom where all the rivers have been waiting for your reflection, all the roads, for your steps.

Quentin Tarantıno on White Supremacy, Obama, and Why He Doesn’t Worry About a Transformers Future

The last time that I felt competitive was when I was doing Kill Bill and my competition was The Matrix Reloaded. That was the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. I saw Matrix Reloaded at the Chinese Theatre the day it opened … I was like, Bring it the fuck on. I was worried about that? Ho-ly shit.

24. August 2015

Links for 2015-08-24

Good naming is a process, not a single step

Look at something. Have an insight. Write it down. Check it in.

Conversations with Datomic

One of the most interesting things about me is that I never forget facts.

You Really Don’t Need to Work So Much

[L]ong hours may be neither the product of what we really want nor the oppression of workers by the ruling class, the old Marxist theory. They may be the byproduct of systems and institutions that have taken on lives of their own and serve no one’s interests.